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Nationally Recognized Blue Ribbon School

Welcome to Parkway Elementary!

Inspiring Potential. Enriching Futures.

Mrs. Donna Kinn

Parkway School is home to 415 students in Grades K through 4, and 61 staff members. An NCLB Blue Ribbon School, we offer students a safe, positive and healthy learning environment in which to grow both socially, emotionally, and academically.

Through Mount Laurel School District and school level goals, our school has experienced increased public involvement in many areas that shape the district mission to provide an exemplary education to each child. Integrated with the best current instructional practices and opportunities, that planning builds a neighborhood school framework that is uniquely reflective of the community it serves.

One of the special things at Parkway School is The Circle of Giving,  an exceptional all-school volunteer program that teaches us all the gift of giving and sharing to help others.

Superintendent Dr. Antoinette Rath To Step Down In September

Mount Laurel Superintendent of Schools Dr. Antoinette Rath will step down from the post she has held for the past 13 years as of September 8. Rath has accepted the Chief Executive Officer’s position at Collegium Charter School in Exton, Pennsylvania, an independent public school with 2,600 students in Grades K-12.
“This is definitely a bittersweet time for me, both personally and professionally,” says Rath. “Mount Laurel’s students have enjoyed many successes over the past 13 years. Our staff has always been willing to strive for more and try new strategies. They are truly dedicated professionals. The community has been endlessly supportive. It is certainly not easy to leave.
“However, I could not deny the professional challenges offered by this new position,” she says, “as well as the opportunity to move closer to extended family in that area.”
Coming from Cherry Hill where she was Deputy Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Rath became Mount Laurel’s Superintendent in September of 2002. She was soon hailed on a statewide level as a presenter on the topic of using data to inform education and worked with Mount Laurel staff at all levels to disaggregate data to understand their student’s needs.
“There has been a massive transformation in education over the past decade,” she says, “yet I remain excited and optimistic about the future. We are shifting toward a pattern of individualized learning that recognizes the unique talents of each student. Our emphasis on creative and critical thinking will serve our students well in the workforce of the future. The inroads we have made herein Mount Laurel certainly position our students for success. I am proud to have played a role in that progress.”
Rath began the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Program in 2011 after attending a leadership conference where the inequities in the number of female students pursuing Math and Science degrees were highlighted. She sought and developed corporate partnerships with Lockheed-Martin and The Sallie Mae Fund to finance the new STEM course, which has since expanded to ten courses in Grades 5-8 and several extra-curricular clubs.
Over the years, Dr. Rath organized and facilitated a number of Community Summits to engage a wide cross-section of parents, town leaders and residents in plotting the future course of their schools. She led the district’s transformation to adhere to new state standards and expanded technology integration in every subject area, most recently with a $1 million laptop initiative.
She was the 2014 Burlington County Woman of the Year In Education and is Burlington County’s Superintendent of the Year for 2015.
Mount Laurel’s Board of Education will consider Dr. Rath’s official letter of resignation at its July meeting and begin discussions on the process for selecting her replacement.

Register New Students Early For Next Year - Forms Now Online!

Don’t wait until the end of summer to register new students! Classes are formed and bus routes developed throughout the summer. Late registrations impact class sizes and may result in transportation delays for your child.

So, if you are new to the area, or are registering a new student for the first time in Mount Laurel, please do so as soon as possible. Between now and July 3, registration should be done at the school your child will attend in September. Effective July 6, our Central Registration will open at the Margaret L. Haynes Center at 354 Mount Laurel Road. That office will be open until September 10, at which time registration will return to the individual school offices. Transportation services will be delayed by two days for any student registered on September 3 or later.
Here is where you will find more information on what you will need at Registration, including forms you can print-out and complete in advance.

Current K-4 Parents: Reading Level Explanation

If your child has just completed Grades K-4, their final report card reflects a grade indicating their Instructional Level for Reading. This guide will help you to better understand where they should be at this time of the year for each particular grade.

If it's Summer, it must be time for Summer Reading Lists!

Mount Laurel's Summer Reading Program includes suggested books for students in Grade 1-7. Students are encouraged to create a log of books read for discussion in class in the Fall. Please recognize that your child may select a book that is not on the suggested list that fits his or her individual interests and reading level. Should you have questions about the Summer Reading Program, please contact your school office, which will be open throughout the summer. The following letter to parents details the program by grade level. The suggested list is also linked below.

Information About Summer Meals For Kids

If you are a Mount Laurel student who was eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch Services this school year, check out this information on where meals are available in our area through the Unites States Department of Agriculture this summer!

All Parents: Important Notice About Placement Notices

"We're away and can't get to the mail ... Can you tell me my child's teacher?"
"The mail has been running late in our area and everyone else has their assignment letter. Can you give me the information by phone?"
"It's really sort of crazy in this day and age to have to wait for a letter to arrive ..."
Each August, our phones ring steadily with comments like those above. And we get it. There's really no reason we should not begin the process of class assignment notification via e-mail. That is, unless you have not supplied us with a working e-mail for each of your children. Or, obviously if you have no access to Internet or e-mail.
So, this year, all class assignment letters will come to you by e-mail.
Here's the schedule:
  • Harrington House Announcement e-mail will be sent on August 17. New students: watch for this because you will need it to know which Orientation session to attend on August 26
  • Hartford Team Assignment e-mail will be sent on August 24. Fifth-Graders: You'll need this to know which Hartford Hello Day session to attend on September 1.
  • All Elementary e-mails will be sent on August 28.

Please use this form to supply us with a primary and secondary e-mail address, if you do not have a valid one on file with us now.

If you have no access to Internet or e-mail, please notify your school office that you must continue to receive assignment letters by mail.

Summer Technology/STEM Courses Offered

Looking for a fun new skill to learn? Click here for the one-week courses offered this summer by Mount Laurel Community Education. Classes will be taught in the Hartford STEM lab to maximize student learning and enjoyment!

Did You Know You Can Get Connected Affordably?

Over 1 million families have connected to the Internet at home thanks to a Comcast program called Internet Essentials. Eligible families can attain Internet service for $9.95 a month, and may even qualify for a low-cost computer. Even families that have previous unpaid bills with Comcast may qualify for this service. Click here for more information and to fill-out an application.

Events Calendar

July 21
Board of Education
Regular Meeting
7:30 p.m.

Parents: Looking for a program to keep your children safe while surfing the Internet? The program we use here in school is now available to you at home.
Here's more information.

School Performance 2013-2014

How May We Help You?

Just looking for a quick and basic guide to specific information about our schools? The links below will provide you with the basics on the topics listed. Don't see something you wish was here? Just yell! We'll get it up right away for you.

Registering Your Child
Contact Information


Explanation of the Self-Assessment Report
District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Kelly Neiman
Mount Laurel Hartford School
397 Hartford Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Telephone - 856-231-5899

Student & Parent Info

School Hours:
Grades 1-4: 9:00 a.m.-3:25 p.m.
Kindergarten A.M.: 9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Kindergarten P.M.: 12:55 p.m.-3:25 p.m.

Early Dismissal Grades 1-4: 1:00 p.m.

* On Early Dismissal Days, P.M. Kindergarten begins at 10:30 a.m. and dismisses at 1:00 p.m.

Parkway School's Anti-Bullying Specialist is Jessica Tisa,
142 Ramblewood Parkway

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