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Parkway's 2018-2019 Class Supply ListsTop of Page

 The following lists contain items you might want to buy for the 2018-2019 school year. It is important to remember that these lists contain suggestions. School supply purchases should not create a financial hardship for your family.
1 Backpack - labeled with first and last name
1 Plastic toolbox (8 1/2" x 5" x 2 1/2") No zipper pouches, please - labeled with first and last name
1 Pocket folder (9 1/2" x 12") with 2 bottom pockets, not side pockets - labeled on the front with first and last name
1 Box of (no more than 24) crayons - labeled with first and last name
1 Two-pack of skinny Expo markers
4 Large glue sticks
Classroom Wish List Items (OPTIONAL):
1 Container anti-bacterial hand wipes
1 Container of disinfecting wipes (Clorox, Lysol, etc.)
Note: Please deliver these items personally at your convenience to school office marked with your child's name and classroom if you wish to contribute. There may be safety factors involved with children carrying these items on the bus or in their backpack. Thank you!
Grade 1
1 Backpack or school bag - (no wheels please)
2 Pocket folders - with bottom pockets
12 Pencils - (sharpened)
2" Eraser
1 Standard box of 24 crayons
10 Glue sticks
2 Black Expo (dry erase) markers
Inexpensive ear buds or small headphones please
1 pencil box (no zipper pouches please)
Grade 2
1 Backpack or school bag - (no wheels please)
1 Box of thin markers
4 Pocket folders - (plastic please: 1 red, 1 green, 2 colors of choice)
1 Large pouch to fit supplies
1 Box of 16 crayons
1 Box (12-count) of #2 pencils - (sharpened)
2 Yellow highlighters
4 Glue sticks
1 Bottle Elmer's liquid glue
1 Package pencil cap erasers
2" Pink eraser
4 Marble composition books
1 Pair student scissors
1 Package dry erase markers
1 Package of 3 x 3 sticky notes
1 Pair of headphones
Grade 3
Black & white composition books:
  3 for Mrs. Poolaw, Mrs. Smith & Ms. Cloud
2 for Mrs. McKeown
1 Box of eight markers
1 Box of colored pencils - (please sharpen)
1 Box of twelve #2 pencils - (please sharpen)
1 Pair student scissors
4-6 Highlighters (light colors)
8-10 Small or 4 large glue sticks
4 Sturdy 2-pocket folders - (no prong folders please)
2 Large erasers
5 Packs of 3 x 3 sticky notes (Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Poolaw)
1 Hand-held pencil sharpener - (Please do not send in two-part pencil sharpeners, with one small hole and one larger hole on top piece or "toy"-like sharpeners.)
1 Pouch or box to fit supplies
1 Pair of earbuds or headphones (NOTHING EXPENSIVE)
Grade 4
1 Box (12-count) pre-sharpened pencils
2 Erasable pens (red)
4 Glue sticks
6 Pocket folders - heavy duty, bottom pocket - (please no 3-prong folders)
2 Broad-tipped highlighters
1 Zippered pencil case
1 Large eraser
1 Pair student scissors
1 Box colored pencils
5 Marble composition books
6 Packs sticky notes 3 x 3
1 Pair of earbuds or headphones